Nurgle vs Khorne - Age of Sigmar!

First off, sorry for the absence, a holiday that was not a holiday meant very little blogging got done.

I have been thinking about the whole blogging thing and whether or not you guys are getting what you need/want from my offerings. I suspect this is not the medium to present this (being a jolly battle report) so will park it for another entry!

So here we are playing Age of Sigmar in Warhammer World, it is the classic Chaos vs Chaos, Blood vs Decay, proper war fest. Marco vs Stevo

Here is Marco's Army, gluppy

The armies line up opposite each other

My battle line centres around two blocks of Bloodreavers where as Marco is going with the two blocks of 20 Plague Bearers

First turn and a sea of slime slides towards me!

Marco has done a lovely job on these, I was somewhat inspired and am thinking about doing a force

I move up to meet the challenge

There are a lot of beasties on my left flank, sat down there Gutrot Spumb who will cause a lot of trouble with his buckets of special rules!

I get the next turn and it is now my army that swarms over the Nurgle. Deliberately I do not engage both Plague Bearers units as these guys are more than a match for me, but with the numbers I have a chance of rolling a flank!

That is a heavy hit!

Marco send the other unit to deal with me!

On the left it is going less well, Gutrot, Flys and a Herald are peeling my Skull Takers

Without the charge the Skullreavers don't do well against the Plague Bearers, the Blood Warriors are on their way - hold on!

It is a slow brutal grind

Right flank done

The body count was mine but the Marco had held the objectives for too long. The day was lost, but the Blood God was happy, for much blood had flowed!


  1. Lovely battle report. Although by inclination I would generally root for papa Nurgle, your Khornate tide rolling across the board is a sight for sore eyes!

    1. Thank you.
      I think I am with you on affiliation as Nurgle is the bestest. This is the first time I have managed to get this army to perform. It is a bit Synergy for the Synergy God but a great game was had and despite the slaughter I lost!


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