More Ork three way

The amount of Orky battles between Tom, GB and myself has become ridiculous. I am now struggling to determine which one was which. I suppose it is a good thing that I am getting this many games in but the 40K rules are starting to make my head spin. On the up side more gaming which is great.

GB top of picture, Tom on the right, me at the bottom

Tom's boyz

GB with added Mega Nobbage

My lot with lucky yellow dice have made it, victory almost certainly grant

Tom marching out on the hunt

GB coming to meet him

Two red tides about to crash together!

My lot snipping at the side

I am holding off Tom's left flank with some boyz hunkered down in the bushes

GB's well armed section would be difficult to deal with

This is that moment in every battle where everyone is in position just before utter carnage breaks out

GB over runs the hill killing the burners and trying to open the trukk to get at the scrumy boys inside

My lot continue to shoot from the deployment zone - they are shooty orks

Still hiding in the bushes

GB is mashing Tom

I am plinking away at all that armour

Tom hits GB, that death star of Mega Armoured Nobz, Boss plus killa kans is a rich target

But it is hard to take down with Boyz

I use something less subtle

In these many (many - I have two more to write up) games of Orks v Orks v Orks we discovered that GB gets to decide who wins provided he doesn't pick himself. His Ork army is probably the most correct in that it is totally combat orientated and incredibly aggressive. Tom's is a good mix with lots of different flavours and mine is "all the gear no idea" shooty army. As such GB can wipe out one force but the other can then mop up. This week his Ire was directed at Tom and so I prevailed!


  1. Lots of games are good and I have found with 40k when the rules do click it plays pretty fast especially with two combat forces...enjoy 😀

    1. Thank you Matt, yes it is jolly good fun and Orks are one of the least complicated armies to field and playing all with the same means that we only need to know one set of rules


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