Another Ork battle

Second from last of the campaign battles. Every week we have added 100 points to the game to encourage painting and collection. As usual I have painted loads more than that, General Ballroom has a 5000 point Ork force and so has painted nothing and Tom has finished some burnas and painted one and a half Deff Koptas.

Here are my lot with a trukk full of Burna Boyz ready to damage stuff

Tom is dwon the far end again with many walkers

GB is adding more unkillable stuff to his force

Tom fully assembled for war

GB strikes out across the field towards the central objective

Lots of killy death

Tom heads towards GB, do you think they have forgotten me in the far corner

I start doing right smart stuff and hugging cover and thinking about taking the centre

Tom's boyz moving up

I keep sneaking, I am hoping no one spots me

Tom moves on, his mob of 25 boyz is a force to be reckoned with and no mistake. I have a 30 ork Slugga mob sprayed up but I am still girding my courage to take it on.

No casualties on Tom so far

GB races straight through the building and engages. I don't think Ard Boyz are worth the points but in all ork games they really show their quality

This is the only thing I have to deal with the Mega Nob menace, the Deff Dredd always dies but goes down swinging

Finishing me off GB retreats into the central objective, darn it, I need to tempt him into the killing ground I have set up

Tom now approaches GB's flank. GB has fatally engaged both of us at once and is now in somewhat of a pickle with his force surrounded.

Mega Nobz gone I need to eject GB from the building

I keep balsting and set up a deadly wall of fire from my Burnas, will Tom oblige and walk into it?

Tom is hanging back, something of a stand off

I get the most marginal of victories mostly due to good positioning and being able to wipe out those darn Mega Nobz!