More Orks on Orks on Orks

Hello, so this battle actually took place two weeks ago, Tom has long since posted his report up and you can read that here. Apparently I moaned a lot, which firstly doesn't sound like me and secondly if I did then it was largely due to his lack of finesse in scenario design, whatever!!

What we have going on is that the Orks have heard of a mighty mythical choppa that brings great power to the Warboss bearing it. It was obviously going to have to be captured. It was choose sides, General Ballroom middle right:

I plonked down bottom left:

Tom top left, the bit I moaned about was the fact that even though I had to set up first I had no influence on going first, sad face. Then I got to go first but the moan train had left the station!

I headed off to deal with some stuff. Now remember that within the confines of the Ilkeston gaming hut so all those jungles completely block line of sight, as if GB has a massive short range army whereas Tom and I have more of a mix.

GB goes next and is his want heads straight for the choppa with his vast horde of boyz. The Ork armz race will not be won with money it will be won with the paint brush, and GB has a 1000 point head start on us!

Tom charges to meet GB, I am noticing a pattern to our games. Whoever is the focus of GB's ire is rapidly removed from the game leaving the other protagonist to mop the battered GB up!

Tom GB face off - GO!


Crumbs, lots of dead Orks, amazing fight!

This is what's left pointing at me!

GB's Ard Boyz set about getting the Orks out of this trukk!

I make a dash for the Choppa, hosing down Tom's Orks as I go.

GB is within easy reach of of the Choppa, Tom is struggling to stay in the game!

GB's awesome Warboss, I need to paint my one of these, it is a lovely model!

What remains of GB's forces.

GB grabs the Choppa, darn my slow shooty Orks!

I manage thwart GB's efforts but the Choppa was lost!