Killa Kans Done

I am not quite sure when I decided to get these guys, I found them in my box of Orky goodness. In all honesty these fellas make a nice little addition to the growing force. For 150 I get 6 HP, three rokkit shots a turn at BS3 (in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king) and a load of nasty klaw attacks for the close combat!

Now I know these guys won't stand up to much on their own, but as another thing to shoot at they add a little menace to the proceedings!

Fairly simple paint job to be honest. Dry brush, paint the cables, spot colour for the Bad Moons. I will add another 3 at some point to make something very scary but for now a cheeky little Heavy Support slot filled!


  1. They look great , ready to squash al comers unless of course they simple blow to pieces !

  2. Comedic exploding kill potatoes for the win!!


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