Is it Gorka or Morkanort?

Projects Orks seems to be going very well, I have hit the 1500 points and still have something in my painting legs. I am moving to the point where I realise that I am going to have to put some boots on the ground and also invest in some armour. At the moment bringing an auto cannon and five heavy bolters wins you the game against me.

I have also got my second article on the GW community page, which is nice. 

After much deliberation between the Stompa and the G&M Norts, I went for the Nort in the end!

The thing is huge and comes with all the guns. It has an odd transport capacity allowing you to trundle round with six models in the belly who can't shoot out or assault. Might be a nice spot for my Nobz. 

It is made of big chunks of plastic.

It just looks ace!!

Thematically the Morkanort makes more sense for the army. Once funds have replenished I will probably get another and do the Gorkanort but this should make a great centre piece and protective bubble of 5+ invulnerable goodness. I will get a bunker at some point to put the Lootas in and stand this fella next to them!

I think this is an airbrush job so will wait for a quiet house to embark upon getting it done!