Imperial Guard vs Space Orks - St Patrick's Day

On the night of St.Patrick's Day what could be better than getting one and a half Irishmen (my father is Irish) together for a game of 40K and a few cheeky Guinness! Paul had brought his Imperial Guard round. So we laid the ground work for the evening with 6 Guinness a piece (Paul later revealed a cheeky pre drink pushing him to 7 pre match) and we started putting the soldiers out!

My new yellow dice had arrived, they were pre loaded with the luck of Gork and Mork!

Due to the beers this is not going to be very coherent but I will do what I can, a better man than me would take notes and do diligent things, when you find his blog send me a link!

As you can see I have been busy producing basic paint jobs on lots of vehicles!

My first turn consisted of "Razzing" everything forward wanting to be in the comforting embrace of close combat with Guardsmen

The guard blasted the crap out of my vehicles!

Look how cute they are with their neat firing lines

This tells you that another beer run had been performed!

Dakka jet arrives, and does nothing!!! For the whole game!!!

Koptas work on the hill!

Lots of Kans come up the centre!

Not really sure what I am doing with this Battle Wagon!

This is the last photo

Paul sneaked a win but lots of stuff died and loads of fun was had. I made about a million Feel No Pain rolls and the Nobz murdered loads of dudes. Still don't think I have much of a plan but I am having loads of fun!