Hammerhead and That

Tom and I ventured off to the Hammerhead show in Newark, I know this happened about two weeks ago but I seem to be way behind on this blogging malarky. Anyway I have in the past bemoaned wargame shows for being the same old chod stacked up, not being particularly inspiring and lacking anything new!

Now I am not saying that this is not the case. But I engaged with a different perspective this time. I was going to find the joy. After all I was giving up a precious afternoon and a fiver entry fee (actually I think Tom paid). So this was going to be great, even if it wasn't, as my will is stronger!

And to be fair with this in mind I had a great show. I had Tom say the magic words a few times "You don't need anymore soldiers" which lead to a more focused time.

Also having been in the industry (man and boy) for over twenty years you get to check in on the people you have known for a long time but don't have reason to talk to.

This game here was the star of the display games:

It is the classic Rorke's Drift but I hadn't before ever seen the desperation of it captured in wargaming terms with how many Zulu's there must of been. Absolutely amazing. Even I don't think I could manage that painting challenge!

Now to my only purchase of the day. Yellow Dice. I have been complaining (I have been looking back over the blog and I seem to do that a lot) that I haven't got any dice for my Space Orks so I thought I should pick some up. I will eventually need a load more but for now I have forty which is a good start.

So all in all a good day out, then we went to the pub and put the world to rights until Tom got picked up by Mrs Toy Soldiers! Good times!