Bases for Ork Flyers

A bit of the hobby that I find a bit of a drag is the basing. It feels less inspiring than the rest. I am trying to get the Orks to look like they are battling over the ruined wasteland that is Rynn's world and this project sits alongside my Crimson Fists who will one day battle each other for the fate of the chapter!

The large surface area of the flying stand was very barren so I added some of the unused bits from the Dakkajet to spruce it up a bit. Then i hit it with all the textures - including the cracked earth one, then agrax earthshade wash and then a drybrush.

Here is the finished article with plane pointed up, I think I will go with plane pointed down for gaming purposes.

I have plans for a Blitzbommer in the not too distant future. Zoooom!