The House that Stevo Built

My lovely sister from another mister Claudia brought me back a cardboard house kit from the Nuremberg Toy Fair. It was a little treat to put together (very cleverly designed) and about the right scale for wargames.

It seems a little nice for the Warhammer World but I will pop it on a base and see where we get to.


  1. Baller, who makes it and what is the msrp?

    1. It is a Russian guy trying to get a sponsor so just a sample I think. The whole thing opens up and it has internal stairs. It is great. i will try and get some details.

  2. I have missed out on all the cool stuff you've been doing. Do I need to come out there and help you even the score with Tom and GB? My mojo is still quite modest, but returning slowly. Grammar and punctuation are thoroughly overrated!

  3. Yes, head over. I can put you up. Just let me know when you are heading over. It would be good to have an ally. I have been painting hard on the Orcs so hopefully it won't go this way again. We need to keep an eye on Tom he is super sneaky, no casualties last game


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