Return of the snot filled painter


Apologies for the absence. I have literally been overflowing with with snot and lurgy for the past two weeks, in fact there is still quite a lot of damage remaining from this unasked for visit of the plague which has properly upset my hobby fu for the last fortnight.

So my plans over the Christmas period are pretty sweet and there is (weather allowing me to spray) a good shot at finishing the British Line Battalion. I have two weeks off but being of the Irish Catholic persuasion there is a lot of family to coupe with. Saying that this year the permanent painting corner is affixed in the family room so if Poppins can keep everyone busy hobby can, and will occur!

Now post 500 went with no pictures of toy soldiers which made me sad so I thought I need to get some up pronto before people start to realise that I write a load of nonsense.

Pre Lurgy I was partaking of a little challenge with my chum John French, we are both not purchasing new miniatures (I have a by on Napoleonics as they need finishing) so the intention is to eat into the lead mountains. And various of the gaming factions I am members in are talking about some sort of 40k skirmish game based around inquisitors.

So i did some digging and these are a couple of fellas I turned up and started putting some paint on:

I am not sure why I had this chap but he is now Harvey Blight Grand Inquisitor. The armour I think could use a little more blending but he is starting to take shape.

 Eversor Assassin, why would Harvey leave home without him. In the Execution force box this was nestled away. I am not sure what rules we are using but these are two figures I like so they are in!

Hopefully service is now back to normal with a good run of posts coming your way. We have the S.H.I.T. Christmas game on the 30th  - A winter Blood Bowl cup and hopefully a game with Kenton and a game with Tom on top!



  1. One of many projects I started and then abandoned was Inquisitor in 28mm. I think there is an Inq28 website out there somewhere. I got my hands on Obiwan Sherlock Clouseau, but I named him Qui-Gonn Hercule Marple or some such nonsense. I like the idea of a purchasing freeze. I need to stick to that for the time being.

  2. It is very tempting with all the cool stuff out there. I will dig into that site and see what is going on. Thank Sean!


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