Post 500

Right now I am sat at home feeling very sorry for myself. I have had the flu all week and stuff like walking across the room or talking sends me into coughing fits. Joy. This has also had a bit of a whack on hobby as my bed and Netflix (there is nothing on it btw) have had all my attention, even swapping beer for Lemsip!

But for Stevo's blog it is a glorious day. The reason, we are on post 500! I know you knew that from the title but I am ill and grumpy and sad and wanted it to sound grand, *shakes fist at uncaring world then coughs a lot.

April 2015 I started the blog for two reasons, one Tom's was really cool and I wanted one, two I had some unpleasantness in real life and needed a distraction. I hope it is as cool as Tom's, not as funny and the photography is worse but we get through a lot of soldiers here.

I have become quite attached to old SMS and now it helps drive rather than being wholly driven by my hobby. I start itching to post if it has been too long and there is definitely a slight dependency on it.

We have covered a fair few bits as well, a lot of the newish gaming systems have featured on here, loads of skirmish stuff from the S.H.I.T. as well as bigger stuff from the hall. Tom and I are suckers for the old campaign packs and we need to figure out how to do McDeath!

Going forward will be more of the same, around new year I will hatch my plans for 2017, this will be gaming, painting and scenery (otherwise the Peninsula war is going to look a lot like it was hosted in the Warhammer World) and I might even finish that damn map!

My old cranky iPad won't do pictures and I am waiting for a new swanky laptop for Christmas so I will sign off. My plan was to have a competition but flu prevents so I will do it for the new year. Anyway, thank you gentle readers I appreciate you all, and thank you to the close supporters, bloggers, commentators and everyone doing stuff with soldiers, see you in the 6th century of posts!


  1. Lemsip is addictive but helps 😀 Congratulations on the 500 and get well soon

  2. Replies
    1. I am Johnny come lately! Also why do you keep double commenting?

  3. Thank you sir, while I wasn't paying attention I also smashed through 100,000 page views, a Russian and American had a read off by the look of it and went through the whole back catalogue - God help them - and bashed the last 1000 I needed on!


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