Congo Two the search for Creamy Beatrix

Meisers Tom, Stevo and General Ballroom convened on a damp Wednesday night in the lowlands of Derbyshire to partake of an enjoyable game of Congo.

GB was our most gracious host and GM and explained that the evil slavers had captured the lovely "Creamy Beatrix" and she needed to be rescued by the Heroic Sir Stevo von Symth.

The scenario starts with no soldiers on the board, Tom's mission is to walk down the road and get the good lady off the board, he also has a load of loot that he needs to carry off the board as well.

Enter central stage Creamy Beatrix and guards

Her distraught heaving bosom was being ogled by the slavers. There is a danger of imminent deflowerment!

But here come our heroes now! Three out of four of my relief force turn up, this is proper bad for Tom but he ploughs on regardless!

My lads start to close the noose, and finally spring the trap! Tom gains VPs for roleplaying as he will not go to ground on the first volley as the ambush activates!

Tom engages and I finally find a part of the Congo rule set I don't like. If you pick up the red hand of fatigue you are out for the rest of the game! Well not quite but they are super hard to shake!

My young warriors have to go round the soldiers to try and stop Tom!

Tom's lion (generated from fatigue again) smashes into my soldiers, they push it off with sharp bayonets!

On the left I am losing ground as body count and fatigue pile up, On the right I am closing in on he lady and her guards.

The lion returns and this time it is after Tom's guys.

Red hands are racking up but the explorers (bottom right) have the prize in their sights (right)

The explorers free the lady and she is very, very grateful!

Turn six and the final score is 19 7 to me!

The table is mine and Tom's only remaining unit is stuck with a red hand (top right)

The mechanics of Congo are great. Really simple to play. Card activation, simple dice, there is a lot to love. I think the red hand of fatigue is my only issue, we seemed to get loads this game and it lead to half my force being immobile. Grrrr. But over all a great little skirmish game which works well with the scenarios.


  1. Atmospheric, colorful and beautiful!

  2. Nice game and encouraging me to get the game on the table rather than the shelf. I was worried for Creamy for a while though 😀

  3. Great stuff. Out of interest, what size table is it? Looks bigger than the recommended 3'x 3'...


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