Age of Sigmar Orcs vs Empire

On a rainy Monday night Kenton and I downloaded the rules for this new fangled Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. To kick us off we went for Orcs and Empire! Talking to chums today they reasoned that we might have wanted to start a bit smaller, but you only live once!

Kenton's force was made up of:

20 Orc Boyz with Spears
10 Arrer Boyz
20 Black Orcs
10 Boar Boyz
Toothgit Black Orc Big Boss

 My lot are:

17 Greatsword (need to finish the other 13)
10 Crossbows
3 Demigryphs
Commander Gristlewhiskers

Here is how we lined up

My first turn (player who finishes deployment first gets the first go) sees the Demigryphs close up to the battleline.

Shooting phase sees me unload with the cannon and crossbows into the Orc Boyz. The cannon with full crew fires twice so can do up to 12 wounds a turn.
In the Battleshock phase 6 orcs flee from the unit (are removed, ouch).

Kenton yomps forward in his turn, I move forward again and keep shooting.

The orcs move in again. Through the withering fire from the empire line.

I move up to meet them, will the Greatswords be able to defeat the Black Orcs.

So if, like me, you hadn't studied the Warscrolls properly then the Black Orcs have two wounds each and basically rip the GSs to pieces.

The Boar Boyz smash the crap out of the Demigryphs, only by rolling well in the Battleshock phase did I survive!

The table after the slaughter fest that was the Orc charge.

The Black Orcs take the following turn, because you roll for turn priority each turn it is possible (probable) that you will see players having two consecutive goes. They surround and tear apart Commander Gristlewhiskers!

Toothgit was missing out on the action so got stuck in. He fluffed all his attacks. I tried to murder him in the face but it came to naught!

The Boar Boyz pile in (first part of your combat phase) to maximise attacks.

The last Demigryph is pulled down and Kenton is victorious.

We both agreed it was a smashing game to play and didn't feel as far from Warhammer as I thought it would. It trundles along pretty quickly. I got the balance of forces a little out but that didn't really matter.

The game took about an hour. It did involve a fair amount of referencing Warscrolls and rules and we saw how the game has quite a few clever complexities and you can see how it would stack into a power gamers dream. On the other hand you can play it as a fantasy battle game not too far away from 40K, Lord of the Rings or Lion Rampant.

As the rules are free I think everybody should give it a whirl!


  1. So it's not the total clusterfuck of a game I've been led to believe? My gaming group is divided at the moment about whether to play or not. I'm in the yes camp, but some of the others don't seem as enthused.

    1. Mix Lord of The Rings with Lion Rampant, and you are most of e way there. Add synergies from Warmachine or MTG, put some great models in, add some slightly silly rules and people you like to play against and you get a great evening. I like it, it works as a game, not 8th but a good game!


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