Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Orky Progress

Look at me doing sub assemblies! I figured this was the best way of getting these things done. It is a bit base and wash and I feel that quantity is over riding the quality somewhat. I might need to second pass the army at some point!

Arms for Deff Kopters

I took some of the heads from the Stormboyz to add some variety to the unit
These will get the good treatment before they are stuck on as they are really fiddly to get to.

The Kopters themselves, I am sticking with the Bad Moon theme, the "Yellow Terror" squadron will soon be taking to the battlefield!

The next part of the Loota squad, these are nearly finished so with a push tonight we will be there. Lots of blasty guns pointed at you!!!

I found these guys dry brushed in a box, so grabbed them out and started yellowing them up ready for war. Have gone with the tank hunter guns, since embrassing the Skorchers though this might be the next three.

Friday, 17 February 2017

The House that Stevo Built

My lovely sister from another mister Claudia brought me back a cardboard house kit from the Nuremberg Toy Fair. It was a little treat to put together (very cleverly designed) and about the right scale for wargames.

It seems a little nice for the Warhammer World but I will pop it on a base and see where we get to.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

More progress on Shoota Boyz

GB is away, Tom is coaching the under 13 Olympic swimming squad so I am getting some painting done. Included in here is a Rokkit Launcher so I have nearly two dudes for my Tank Busta Boyz, this way I can do three dudes and have a legal squad!

The Nob I realise is from a mob of 10, so I might get them all done, at some point!

Anyway the important thing is that progress is being made! Good stuff!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Dakka Jet

I have had this model for nigh on ever and have never got round to finishing it off.

So while I was waiting for the base texture to dry on the Ork Boyz I had a little tinker. The pilot needed some work and I glued down the cockpit.

I also added some gold and a few highlights on the metallics

I have another two in boxes somewhere and intend to paint one of each sort (not the crazy one that looks like a seven year old went crazy in his lego box) so a Burna Bommer and Blitz Bommer will join the ranks at some point.

I also moved more Lootas onto the painting table.

Also my resolve broke and I ordered two boxes of Trukk Boyz as I need bodies for Burna Boyz and I need a load of Trukks! Sorry John, I failed

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A little bit more work on the Ork Boyz

So I shaded and then highlighted all the yellow bits. Added the metallics. I have to tidy up the black, added some cloth bits, paint on some details and spoil the Nob a bit. Nearly there!

I started on the Trukk too but that was hard work, I am just not very good with big models, airbrush is calling me thinks!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Second Mob of Boyz

Getting back to dabbling with some painting, the painting challenge for the year is not going amazingly. Weekends are getting gobbled up with family stuff and Warhammer Total War is proving a distraction, especially as it does not have the safety control of using the big telly like the PS4

Anyway, dull but worthy painting of Ork Boyz heading me towards a legal force

I have done two Big Shootas as I want one in each squad, the Rokkit Launchers will eventually be included in the Tank Busta Mob

Here's the Nob and the rest, I haven't exactly done my finest work on these fellas, more base and wash. But I will do four shade on the flesh and the yellow and do some checks and teeth to make them look nice. I think with the volume I need to do this army I am going to have to cut some corners, which makes me sad, but I am a realist!

Hopefully get these finished this week!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

British Light Dragoons

I spent in weekend in the Cathedral town of Lichfield for my wife's birthday. Apart from nipping into too many of the quaint Georgian (and before) pubs we did some antiquing! Normally I am not bothered but in the corner of the room was a selection of hats. This one I couldn't resist!

Might have to work on that second chin though!