Friday, 13 January 2017

Test Game Napoleonics

Kenton and I have been trying to play a game for about three months, with work and then my 34 day lurgy it hasn't happened. We finally fixed a time, grabbed a six pack (we both managed 330ml can each - him driving me lurgy lame). I have been playing around with some rules to play with all the Napoleonics I have painted.

The French is a more rounded force so I gave those to Kenton and I took the Brits (as I have only done infantry it really was the thin red line)

The rules are far from complete but we ran through it!

The French are mustering to smash the flimsy British line aside, they have two centre companies, Grenadiers, some Voltigeurs, Hussars and two cannons.

The Brits have three centre companies, Grenadiers, Light Company and some 60th (blue pants) Rifles - always skirmish with these!

I have to say even at a half size game there was a lot of soldiers and it looked ace!

The entire French army.

Close up for Sean on the French Voltigeurs!

A gentle start to the game with some shuffling forward and some shooting from the rifles (they have longer range)

Loading is one of the actions a unit can perform so you have to think about what you are doing as you can't race around guns blazing!
On my left Kenton managed a turn one charge who caught the Light Company napping as they didn't form square and went straight through them! I replied by blasting them to kingdom come with my the next company in the line!
I love the battlefield smoke (cotton wool) btw!

Kenton pushes on through punishing musket fire!

The Voltigeurs dish out some of their own shots cutting down a quarter of a company!

Rifle fire slows the French charge

Not the case in the centre, the colours are in danger!

Concentrated fire push the French advance back again!

After hard fighting I only have to get the two cannons on the right!

The riflemen head off to sort this out!

The cannons respond!

The French Line shifts revealing the Grenadiers, gulp!

I swing the line to face the massed French infantry, and send the Grenadiers after the cannons

The French Grenadiers smash through the British line!

Kentons hand, look at that rather than the second company in two turns gets trashed by the Grenadiers, my line is being torn apart!

One of my line companies runs straight into the dead pile!

The rest of my line tries to take back control of the battle!

British Grenadiers trek towards the cannons, if you don't like backpacks this is not the period for you!

The cannons break the Rifles!

The skirmishing Voltigeurs are very hard to hit, why didn't I paint the light dragoons!

Cannons are struggling to reload as the Grenadiers march closer!

I form up to take on the Grenadiers on my left flank.

Voltigeurs thinning!

Kenton had hidden the Eagle bearer in the house, he now emerges to threaten my flank!

The Grenadiers smash home!

My line company blasts at the Eagle!

The Voltigeurs are in contact with the company carrying the colours!

A salvo cut down a cannon crew but the reply costs me a stand of men!

Artiest photo of the report!

Nearly costing me half a company the cannons are silenced!

The Colours Company are stubborn so with decent tests fight to the last man!

The colours are lost!

Two companies play two companies!

The Grenadiers continue their charge of terror!

Selling their live dearly another line company is torn apart!

The Voltigeurs continue to harass my lines!

What remains of my Grenadiers try to pull back the battle!

They fail and Kenton carries the day!

My dead pile!

So Kenton carries the day. Great fun, I will do another post on how the rules worked but we both agreed that it worked and gave you enough to think about whilst allowing you to have lots of soldiers!


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Last Toy Soldier purchase till April

Ordered on the 31st December so technically not in the purchasing period.

I have a plan to get to a place where I have a playable, fairly current 40K army. I have toyed with the BAnagels but my old army was built around two Assault Squads for core which you can no longer do. I now have two tactical quads and may very well follow Dave Taylor's excellent guide to painting drop pods and give the Rhino to the Space wolves!

Any way I have lots of posts coming so stay tuned. Going to be a hectic 2017 with lots of awesome hobby stuff!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Ten Ad Mechs done

Did some of the fancy Spacemen!

I really like the way they have come out and painting ten at a time feels right. I always think it is tricky to gauge the size of batch. Right now I 55 naps on the table and that is proving too many.

These were lovely to, but beware there is so much detail. I used the new(ish) gem paints which worked well, not as good as hand painting but so much quicker!!

Not sure the hand painted crenellations were necessary but they look great and my yellow (despite the Badmoons and the Nordland army) is not the best.

Anyway like a true butterfly I have parked this army to crank out some more Naps, will get back to this, plus everything else.

Oh, nearly forgot until the 1st April I will not buy any toy soldiers, I am allowed to horse trade but no purchases of soldiers, terrain and supplies are allowed. I can then see how I do eating into the mountain!

Lastly, 10/300 models painted for the year! One game played, doing OK.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Meteorite Game Warhammer 8th

With the new year upon us and my lurgy finally starting to shift Tom came over for a morning game of Warhammer using the meteorites that I made back in the autumn. He is getting excited again about Empire, Kislevites, and all manner of crazy stuff, I have been playing Total War: Warhammer as Dwarfs so wanted to use those.

The scenario is pretty simple, place six meteors, one in each board section, at the end of each turn get a Victory Point for each one you control (have a unit with 6" with no enemy contesting) winner is the one with the most VPs.

Tom has an army straight from the pages of 5th edition and you will see some of the faithful troops from Peter von Gaussers Nordland forces as Tom is still a little shy of the 2000 points, he has 1000 points of Kislev that he should really fold in!

This is Tom's centre

Tom's right (my left)

Battlefield shot

Tom's right, classic pistoliers look ace on grey horses, inspiring me to do some Naps. And Hochland handgunners, Tom wants a muster from the entire Empire!

Glorious winter sun shone in from the only window in the North Nottingham Gaming Hall, which is pleasant but ruins the photos!

Here is my centre and left

My right

Tom gets first turn, starts by walking forward, he has the numbers but needs to bring them to bear before the Dwarfen guns can level the playing field!

Apparently keeping your knights in a cold loft means they get wonky lanches, I suggested building a gaming hall like all sensible middle aged men with no dreams of their own anymore, but this would mean Tom msking some pretty big life changes which he poo pood!

So turn one ends with 3 points a piece as we sit on our own meteors!

Tom advances further, I need to hold my right flank or I could lose my line.

Over on my left I try a cheeky charge on the Reiksguard Knights do they don't fancy fighting a block of Dwarfen elites so do one!
Icky Necrotic Ooze river sucks two of them...down!

My Organ was a complete let down for the whole game, not managing more than one shot (from a possible 20) for the first three turns. However the guns of the Dwarfs rang true and we blasted the militia to a more manageable size!

6 a piece after turn two!

Tom's advance continued carefully, the level four life wizard being a particular thorn in my side!

Tom choosing charge rather than be charged goes into the Dwarf warriors, these were my spare points as I didn't want to beard in another Warmachine, they were doing ok!

My Right flank looking much healthier, pretty sure 10 Dwarfs can take 8 militia...oh God have I cursed it?

Longbeards back in, by river and by Reiksguard the LBs came off nearly losing half their number. But we were whittling the Knights down! They also contest the meteor, so......

9 plays 8 to me!!

Turn four and I am moving up on Tom's two big centre units

On the left the RGKs and the Longbeards are trading bloody blows knee deep in the river

I close in on the Halberdiers after unleasing all my shooting into Tom's giant spearblock and breaking it!

Table end view, I think it is now going my way!

Tom's Halberdiers with Warrior Priest, Wizard and Battle Standard Bearer are encircled by smaller Dwarf units!

End of turn five, Tom cannot now win, :(

More sunshine and all the Dwarf shooting hit Tom's last unit!

The game is over, the Empire lie in a heroic defeat!

Warhammer is loads of fun and the ranked up regiments still make my heart stir. Tom is off to paint up his Empire army and I am going to ponder what is hitting the painting table this afternoon. Have a great weekend. Game 1 of 2017 complete, 39 to go!