Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Roman Challenge

General Ballroom was talking about doing some Carthaginians for WAB, in order to spur him on I got the Republican Romans out

That is 4 x 16 Hastatus, 4 x 16 Princeps and 16 Triarius

With full auxillery!

Challenge on GB

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Orcs vs Empire Warhammer 8th

So GB finds himself with 6 weeks to go before he does his Second Dan in "Muhammad I'm hard Bruce Lee" mixed martial arts, so he can't play soldiers :( Therefore Tom and I broke out the Warhammer :)

Tom wrote his report first so you can read his here!

I plumbed for Empire and Tom brought out the Orcs and Goblins. Tom then forgot his box of really hard stuff and ended up cobbling together a kind of messy force.

Here is Tom's mighty horde

I castle in one corner

I got the first turn, shuffled my feet a bit, and shot a lot!

Tom's lot charge across the field, in my head Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" is playing!

Turn two and I move a bit to meet the treats! And of course, shoot!

Crash, Tom's Boar Boys hit the line, my Handgunners are done for!

Did you ask for the side order of Trolls (if only two years ago I had bought Tom three more River Trolls for his birthday so he didn't have to use the crappy old Stone Trolls!.)

A lot of my shooting is out of the picture, it is now time to pit my humans against the Orcs, gulp!

The Mortar and Helstrom Rocket see off the Goblin Horde, not sure that equates points wise though!

The Boar Boys and Trolls smash through my line, kill my wizard lord and crunch into my artillery!

10 Halberdiers vs 4 Spiders and a fist full o squigs!

Table shot!

Another big fight comes when Tom crashes in with giant and chariots. The chariots both roll 1 for impact hits! My lads can weather that storm!

Trolls are rampaging through my back field and all my big hitters are in Tom's half of the board!

Hedgehog of Death kills the giant, the chariots leg it and I race after man on Squig!

The middle of the field is pretty empty as the two armies have passed through each other

We called it a draw at this point as it was 10:30pm, the remains of both armies where at opposite ends of the field. We gave the victory to Warhammer - the true winner!

We both agree that WFB 8th is still a great game. We miss it. And it is the only game that scratches that big army, big regiment itch that we have. If only GB liked it.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Chaos vs High Aelves in AOS

This game has been rearranged a few times now but at last Keiran's mighty Chaos Legion and rolled out my High Aelves. This is a 1000 point game using the Border War scenario from the General's Handbook.

Keiran has painted a lovely looking chaos army, though I am a little nervous at facing 30 Chaos Warriors!

He has a wizard and Skull Reapers in their winter garb!

And the obligatory Fenrisian Wolves as Chaos Hounds!

So here are my grey High Aelves blending into the battlefield, my plan is to sweep the right flank of Keiran's army.

The battlelines close!

10 Chaos Warriors vs 10 Sword Masters and 5 Dragon Blade!

I am not hopeful for the Sea Guard, they seem a little out classed!

Here comes our hero now! My lord eats Keiran's Sorcerer. He has some Warriors to deal with that problem though!

So the Sea Guard get mystified by the wood (so they can't attack) and then they get butchered!

I was using the Ellyrian Reavers to support. They shoot the dogs, not really solving the major issues I have!

So Keiran's Lord and Warriors take on my Lord, I throw in the Dragon Princes. Though my Lord has a lot of attacks he seems to fumble them all every turn!

I kill everything eventually and then Keiran's Lord turns into a spawn!!

The Sea Guard die and give up their objective, which wins Keiran the game. We did the classic kids playing 40K thing where we concentrated on killing not taking objectives so I had lost!

But here are my men of the match, 160 points move shoot then move and a battleline choice. What more could you ask for?

Great game Keiran thank you. For my first outing with the High Aelves I learnt a lot and now have a plan to paint more Reavers!

Good stuff

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The S.H.I.T. plan part two!

So I drag my ass into work this morning to see a that Tom and General Ballroom have zinged like a hundred emails between each other over night.

Stuff for context: We usually play on Wednesdays, Tom can't do Thursdays because of children swimming, GB only plays at his. I am slightly scared by the fact that I seem the most reasonable and flexible of the bunch.

So the gist is:

Tom is late back tomorrow - Boo hoo
GB is training for the next 6 weeks on Wednesday Nights

So not only do we not really have a plan for what we are doing we now no longer have a night.

What I did last night instead of being embroiled in this email thread:

Got 20 Men at Arms sprayed and washed

Ditto for some Confederates

And a couple more dudes for Lion Rampant

I don't know anymore *puts head in hands!

Monday, 12 September 2016

X Wing and the S.H.I.T. plan

I felt a bit of a reoccurring theme to the discussions about the direction of the S.H.I.T.

Firstly GB laid on a brilliant game of X Wing pitting the Millenium Falcon, Slave One and the Robot Dude's ship against each other.

I got creamed I owe you photos!

Now back to the theme of things to come. The guys are still at an impasse with the whole AoS and 8th Ed Warhammer. I really want to play big Wargames and I even got Tom's agreement.

The problem, those guys have large armies but only for Warhammer - see above

We brought up another 10 systems we could try but they theme around 20 to 40 model skirmish games set between 1700 to 1900, I veto'd WWII - really does not float my boat.

The solution it seemed was WAB - Ancients or ACW. However as proven by my 180 French army being able to square up to the 60 odd models the other fellas can pool between them these are some years off!

Solution Two, I paint two armies. Now this does mean quite a lot of work on my behalf, but I am seriously considering it. I get to play the period and type of game I choose (though probably in a GM capacity) and the figures will all get done.

In the next part of this post I may reveal my plan!!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

High Aelves

Due to all hell breaking out at home when our most senior pet decided to try and end the largest my hobby fu has been somewhat diminished. Not least because largest pet was have none of this lunacy and bit through my right index finger - without over revealing I am right handed!

These guys I have done since the injury. I can block out and wash no problems, I am struggling with the fine detail. Apparently your index finger keeps everything steady.

This fella was a previous work that is rebasing. This with some other bits gives me a core force of the pointy eared folk. I will crack on and see if I can get them done as some sort of therapy for my finger.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Flesheater Court vs Bloodbound

I have known Martin for a very long time but have never played a game with him. We booked it in the diary, reserved a table in Warhammer World and got ready to play. He had brought his Flesh Eater Court army to face off against my Khorne Bloodbound.

We played a 1000 points each, here is Martin's army. The Flesh Wolves are Crypt Horrors

Here are my Bloodbound, I am learning that now I am playing against proper players I have been doing stuff wrong!

My lot from the front

Fully in step I charge forward

This is the dead pile at the end of turn one!

Martin (very kindly) threw his Ghoul King into the battle line. This was him trying to make a game of it as I had done appallingly in the combat phase. Added to this his big Ghoul unit got Mysterious Sceneried and so couldn't fight for two turns!

As it was the Crypt Horrors ate my Chaos Warriors, Lord on Jugger, and Bloodstoaker

Then the Skull Reapers rocked up and slaughterated them!

Blood Warriors, Blood Reavers and Khorgorath ate the befuddled ghouls

The battlefield was looking better but this was all down to Martin being kind

Dead pile was mounting up!

The final victory of the forces of Khorne!

First off, thank you Martin for a great game, it was very entertaining and a great opportunity to hang out with a very nice chap - also born in the same place as my Father!

I also learned a lot about how to position troops, the correct rules for setting up (I had been doing it wrong), I still haven't got the Bloodsecrator right as there is always a turn where he needs to move. I have built but not painted a second one. I had got the Jugger Lords rules wrong. The General slot in this army is tricky, The Khorne Exalted Hero seems the best bet but is not very survivable.