Friday, 2 December 2016

British Line Company 1

I am slightly fearful of the monotony of the British Line Battalion project. My fear is that the eight centre companies exactly the same means painting the same thing eight times and posting the same thing eight times.

Anyway here is where I am up to:

And now on the trays:

I lost a dude and need to paint the musician but this puts me to about 7% of target, so a lot still to do!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Triumph of beer over treachery

Traditionally around my birthday we roll out the soldiers crack open a couple of beers and get on with an all day session, of Warhammer! Guest stars include Tom off of Tom's Toy Soldiers (link below) and Andy Hall off of writing Total War Warhammer and stuff!

I apologise in advance that this is not very coherent and we only managed four turns, but no one threw up!

Covering the post from another angle Tom got his up first here.

At 3500 points aside this is grand in all senses. We also had 20 beers in the Hall (not Andy). The Skaven are testing experimental weapons in the foothills of Karak Eight Peaks. Generaled by Andy.

The stalwart Dwarfs were having none of this and dispatched a rapid response force (no artillery) to put a stop to this! Lead by Tom.

This left these mighty armies facing off whilst Skarsnik - old Stevo, prepared his ambush!

I rolled well for reinforcements (if you ever play me at 40k the reverse is true and everything comes on in the last turn!) and in swept the mighty Green Horde turn one!

Tom advances but has a large spider on his flank!

I shoot and fanatic the hellpit

Which bursts leaving a rat swarm

The first two turns were mostly me whaling on Andy's defended position. The Dwarfs sat back, lit pipes and talked of how Goblins and Skaven were cannier in their day!

From the back of the board 25 miners are revealed! Undermining (get it) my rush on the Skaven rear!

In the centre the plague monks were finished. Andy and I called a truce!

We turned our attention to the untouched Dwarfs!

 Skarsnik's Bover Boyz disengage from the Plague Furnace

And head down table!

I planned badly and my Ogre mercenaries ended up fighting the Slayer, but seemed to hold their own, I was surprised!

We moved up as one!

The Dwarfs seem more than capable of weathering the storm and dropped into a comfortable battleline!

30 Trollslayers is a big meal!

Stormvermin, Rat Ogres and River Trolls push for the centre!

Dark Elf Cold One Knights from Andy's force come to reinforce the right!

 Trolls and Goblins line up to fight Iron Breakers, who prove as always to be tough cookies!

Steamed Cold One, smells a bit like clams!

Dwarf Longbeards, still grumbling take the Skaven charge!

Iron Breakers get eaten!

Knights to the front and Massive Spider to the rear, the Dwarf line starts to crack

At the end of turn four the match was far from decided. Andy had the largest paychest so was declared the winner. The Bibiana Shack called so we headed out and had more beer and a very hot curry. And life was very good!

Later we played Gorechosen, but that my friends is another tale!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Blood Bowl Fever Hits North Nottingham

So after getting dragged to Warhammer World by John Carter (Warlord of Mars) I found myself with a bundle of Blood Bowl Goodies. This is the third set of Blood Bowl to enter my life.

Death Zone covers the basic upgrade teams and others and bits

And the latest WD which is great and continues to be great. Thank you Matt Keefe, long may you reign!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Congo Two the search for Creamy Beatrix

Meisers Tom, Stevo and General Ballroom convened on a damp Wednesday night in the lowlands of Derbyshire to partake of an enjoyable game of Congo.

GB was our most gracious host and GM and explained that the evil slavers had captured the lovely "Creamy Beatrix" and she needed to be rescued by the Heroic Sir Stevo von Symth.

The scenario starts with no soldiers on the board, Tom's mission is to walk down the road and get the good lady off the board, he also has a load of loot that he needs to carry off the board as well.

Enter central stage Creamy Beatrix and guards

Her distraught heaving bosom was being ogled by the slavers. There is a danger of imminent deflowerment!

But here come our heroes now! Three out of four of my relief force turn up, this is proper bad for Tom but he ploughs on regardless!

My lads start to close the noose, and finally spring the trap! Tom gains VPs for roleplaying as he will not go to ground on the first volley as the ambush activates!

Tom engages and I finally find a part of the Congo rule set I don't like. If you pick up the red hand of fatigue you are out for the rest of the game! Well not quite but they are super hard to shake!

My young warriors have to go round the soldiers to try and stop Tom!

Tom's lion (generated from fatigue again) smashes into my soldiers, they push it off with sharp bayonets!

On the left I am losing ground as body count and fatigue pile up, On the right I am closing in on he lady and her guards.

The lion returns and this time it is after Tom's guys.

Red hands are racking up but the explorers (bottom right) have the prize in their sights (right)

The explorers free the lady and she is very, very grateful!

Turn six and the final score is 19 7 to me!

The table is mine and Tom's only remaining unit is stuck with a red hand (top right)

The mechanics of Congo are great. Really simple to play. Card activation, simple dice, there is a lot to love. I think the red hand of fatigue is my only issue, we seemed to get loads this game and it lead to half my force being immobile. Grrrr. But over all a great little skirmish game which works well with the scenarios.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Sticking and Washing the Thin Red Line

So more assembly has been going on at the old workbench.

These are the Grenadiers for the Battalion, differentiated by the shoulder thingies!

The Gold and rifle brown was added to these fellas and then a chestnut brown wash from coat up!

And some 60th Rifle assembly (they are rifles, I am painting them as 60th - swanky blue trousers!)

I have a Congo battle report in the pipe so will try and get that done for Black Friday.

For all the American readers Happy Thanks Giving! Enjoy the Turkey!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Slowish Progress on the first line Company

I got a bit of time to work at the Naps this weekend. I got two more companies assembled, a slightly revised plan requires 11 so 3/11 built, and started painting the first one - thought the pistoliers are staring with accusing eyes as they languish at 75% done!

Started off blocking out the black and washing the trousers

Then I banged on flesh, hair and the red coats!

I need to paint the bags and rifles before the red/brown wash, and then we are almost there. The pennies are not sticking but I hope the addition of base texture will solidify them down.

It seems a solid painting system with the real danger being boredom!

Talking to GB he tells me there is no distinction between the 8 centre companies so I am going to have to mix it up with trousers, bedrolls and bags to stop the next 120 models (the drummers are fairly exciting) being a mindless drag!

Also from GB my plan to not have a light company and switch in rifles he has poo pood and so I need to get some light troops. In this way my British force will be mostly infantry with the French being more of a mix.