Friday, 21 October 2016

Congo Battle One

So here we are in darkest Africa, in the peaceful camp site in Ballroomia.

General Ballroom had provided apt refreshments!

The thing about Congo is that all the stuff looks lovely. Scenarios (modelled by GB) are on newspaper. The cards and counters are all really high quality.

Aware that something was afoot my camp awakened

They turned out to be surrounded!

This is a three foot by four foot playing area so everything is close and I can get all the way round to take pictures!

The game system is a mix of traditional wargame and something like Memoir 44, so using cards to activate. I really liked it because you can always do something.

The raiders moved in and I set out to punch through the line. I was carrying in one of my packs a sacred death mask which if I got off the board got me 10 victory points, it was supposed to be a secret where it was but Tom correctly guessed at the beginning of the game which it was in!

Shooting and combat initially is not super decisive so you tend to ping a man off now and again.

As this was first run through we were mostly experimenting with the activation and bonus cards to begin with. You choose three from seven and play three turns choosing one of your three each turn. It seemed quite tactical.

My two units of young braves were getting mashed at the top of the board but my shooty units were hold back the camp attackers!

Some of Tom's Braves have made it into the camp.

But with three shooting units they are quickly seen off!

Tom's main shooty unit is still right down the bottom of the board so i now focus on making my escape. With the cards you have to think carefully as getting a coordinated attack going is tricky!

I use two beaten up units of braves as a screen and focus on killing Tom's Braves, however he brings on reinforcements behind the top central jungle!

And behind me he closes in on my rear! At this point I figured I had pretty much screwed everything up, the counters next to the units represent when they have had a bad encounter and impede the unit in some way, and I had loads on all but my soldier unit!

There was nothing else for it, I would have to drink my Umbongo!

My Young Braves get a brief rest bit whilst Tom's muskets reload.

In the next turn I focused entirely upon getting the mask out of dodge. I think one of only flaws I can see in the whole really well put together game is that with your cards you are able to activate a unit three times in one turn. Effectively allowing my soldiers to route march off the board!

Tom ransacks and burns one of my tents!

Professor Phil and his bodyguard abandon the rest of the party and take the mask back to the British Museum!

My men try to slink off into the jungle!

More shots ring out from my now abandoned camp!

Over all a fantastic game. GB had painted all the models and built all the scenery which made for a beautiful game! The system itself is great, loads and loads of quick action fun!

The size of the game is right. I do struggle somewhat with the setting but it is only toy soldiers and not real.

I would recommend it and I did really enjoy it, Huzzah!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Space Ork Start Collecting so far!

I feel the Bad Moon rising! So I have started on the Start Collecting Orks box. The Boyz are coming out really bright, which I like. I have an end vision of an "All the gear, no idea" Ork army where they have all the fancy stuff but are rubbish. But then in the game Orks are rubbish in the current meta (look at me talking like a proper gamer).

Five boyz approaching "Dave Done"

Two more boyz finished, I need to look at the bases as they aren't amazing!

First three Nobz, like I say I am going for kit over fit so loads of combi weapons!

Two more shooty Nobz, I am putting in some stuff from a second box to get more shooting uber guns on the board. I know that one shot special weapons aren't great but they look ace!

Here are the rest of the Boyz, I am spending more time painting these up as I want to get them really nice for entering to the competition, including my crazy converted Nob (he was going to be a Flashgit before GW brought out the new models).

Pain Boy has been hand undercoated as British Weather is wrecking my spraying schedule! I am planning to sit down and really enjoy painting this over a damp afternoon with some good coffee and some nice biscuits (that would be cookies to my US readership)

Here is the big lad. Drybrushed and washed. I am going to Badmoon up a load of the panels, I have also lost an exhaust pipe and a banner but I will get that fixed!

This is a super exciting project and my attempt to pay my Orkober dues. Tom tells me that next month is Kislevember, let's see what that brings!!!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Umbongo Umbongo they drink it in the congo!

Dan the Second has been defeated by General Ballroom so we are back on for Wargaming in the Ilko Gaming Hut! And what is more he has painted everything we need to play Congo!

Here is all the stuff he has done in preparation. Now knowing old GB as we do he is probably already bored by the whole thing but tomorrow night we are over there for the first game!!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Shattered Dominions Bases for Ghouls

With the commencement of the Flesh Eater Court project I decided to invest in the GW bases - sounds like a plan. The first thing I would say - paint them on the sprue! I didn't and it would have saved me so much time!!

I used grey and sand stone to offset what is hopefully a lava effect, I am painting the Ghouls purple and green so need an orange to round out the colour balance. This is Dark grey plus drybrush, Dark brown plus wash plus dry brush then paint in the lava. I also gloss varnished the lava for a shiny molten effect.

Pretty happy with these.

Things to be aware of, this is probably the cheapest way to buy bases so even if you don't like the designs just whack texture over them.

They are a little soft on the casting, the paint job I think takes care of most of that.

They are not available for all the base sizes - there is no 50mm bases :( which leaves me imaginering for the Crypt Horror bases!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Idol of Gork - Game 1 - "Da Snatch"

In possibly our zaniest project to date, Tom and I have embarked upon doing the Idol of Gork Campaign from the mid nineties. That is madness I hear you cry, agreed say I, and two weeks into Stopober, it is also sober madness!

So, we are using a 5th edition campaign pack, with 8th edition rules and models spanning all of that period (no Stormcast in sight). Looking at it the armies don't seem particularly balanced and Tom was feeling a little under pointed, until he read through the scenario rules. Now is 5th he would have struggled to take the hill, but in 8th rocking a goblin horde and a huge squig mob he should be grand, though to counter that I have more shooting than a Wood Elf army during a tree blight!

Tom (of course working for a charity) has his battle report up first here.


Mannfred von Bock (this is me)
30 Halberdiers
10 Greatswords
20 Crossbows
2x 10 Handgunners
20 Halflin Bowmen

Oddgit (Tom)
50 Night Goblins + 3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblin Archers
30 Squig Herd Thingies
10 Wolf Riders (swapped for Spider Riders)
Snotling Pump Wagon

As the attack happens at night my Empire chaps have to set up first, with the Goblins setting up second, but of course having the first turn. Sorry I hadn't tidied the table.

I have to put a unit in front of the hill, these are dead, but I have to do it. In hind sight go with the Handgunners.

The Greatswords are facing a mass horde of Goblins and monsters.

My lot are woken by the girly screams of the Greatswords and rush to meet the upcoming threat!

Here are some halflings and Handgunners. Due to when the campaign pack was written every unit needs standard bearers so I am going to have to drag out my free hand foo to get a load of banners done!

Tom's spiders start to march down my left flank, gulp. These actually smash most of my army. Ten of them in the flank is pretty formidable!

Turn one and Tom pushes his whole army forward.

Those Greatswords are looking very exposed!

Fanatics smash into the Greatswords killing four. Technically they should run towards the Night Goblins but exit stage left seemed to make more sense so we went with that!

My turn one, I push forward, rally my Greatswords, and prepare for a shooting phase.

The handguns push up, most of my troops are move or fire and are out of range so it blanks out the HGs shooting this turn. But I have to be bold. Tom wins the game if he gets Oddgit to the Idol so my game is to block for five turns.

He Halberdiers block the hill, everyone else shoots!

My HGs on the right set up to stop the pump wagon, I should have just shot this with the halflings but  I was befuddled by lack of alcoho!

The biggest threat to me is the Squig Herd so I concentrate all of my shooting on them. This picture shows the devastation caused by the bad moon spell to the Halberdiers, even though every casting seemed to cost Oddgit magic levels it was winning the game for him. The Halberdiers could not now how against the mashed Goblins.

And behind the lines the spiders worked their deadly magic and crashed into my Crossbows flanks!

Now I need the Halberdiers to hold for a turn, this is turn four. If I can hold that position then I might be able to string the game out to the end, I am haemorrhaging victory points so chances are I lose anyway. But I am going to keep going!

The Greatswords break, my last chance is unarmoured Handgunners versus a horde of Goblins and a load of Squig so. I need some double one break tests!

I don't do well and the game is Tom's! Oddgit snatches up the Crown of Gork and we proceed to game two!

I really enjoyed this game. I have a load of painting to do to build the nonesense army lists for the campaign but it does mean a load of the stuff I have always wanted to paint gets done!

I a man actually excited. And I have to say that Tom is wrong, I like the campaigns as much as he does, maybe for different reasons but I do love them!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Kharn - For Jes Goodwin

Uncharacteristically Brendan wanted to do something nice (I am teasing - a little) for Jes Goodwin who has been with Games Workshop for 30 Years now - old enough to be my father some might say.

So he gathered a team of like minded fellows who know Jes to paint him a model. The reasoning, on a previous visit Jes had told Brendan that he didn't own any of the models he had made.

Anyway let's talk about me and my stuff, here is the Kharn I painted, and I got someone good at photography to shoot it (so it looks better by virtue of that).

Here is a lighter version, but I think the darker one is better.

For any coherent readers of the blog this will now make sense as the Jugger Lord:

Brendan painted was also in the gifts for Jes campaign. What I will try and do is get pictures of the rest of the models for a post.

Anyway, well done Jes for bringing fantastic models into our lives for the last 30 years!